NewsTrack #3: Al Jazeera Photography

One of the strengths of Al Jazeera as a news organization is their great use of pictures. Their photographers provide powerful images from around the globe to really make an emotional impact on readers. On their site, there is a section called “In Pictures” where they post articles and emphasize the usage of photography and images to entice readers to click on the stories:

Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 9.20.56 AM.png

Directly at the top of the right corner, there are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram icons that when clicked on, they take readers to Al Jazeera’s pages on those respective cites. This is a good strategy to direct more readers towards following them on social media given that a large percentage of people get their news through social media websites like Facebook.

Looking at the articles themselves, the high quality pictures really enhance the reading experience of stories on Al Jazeera’s site. Looking through an article on the hardships of living in South Sudan, the images show women and children suffering while living in the poor conditions of the country.

The power of photography is sometimes underrated and underutilized by many news sites as many organizations prefer video over pictures. However, the power and affect that a captivating image can have on readers is something that is unmatched by a video or just an article by itself. As the saying goes, “A picture can speak a thousand words” and Al Jazeera provides great imagery for the readers of its website.

Al Jazeera’s “In Pictures” Section


Al Jazeera’s Super Bowl Coverage (Lack thereof)

This past Sunday night, I, like many other New England Patriots fans, were left in front of their TVs screaming in agony and shortly after, joy once the Patriots came back to win the Super Bowl. For the past week, you couldn’t turn on the TV, go on the internet or your phone without hearing about the Super Bowl matchup between the Pats and Falcons. At least in America that is.

On Al Jazeera’s main website, there was absolutely no news coverage about the game by a single writer. It took me some digging to find content on the site pertaining to the Super Bowl and I found a couple Al Jazeera America videos that talked about the game and the political angle commercials had this year.

If we’re being honest, I didn’t pay attention to one commercial this year because of how upset and angry I was during the first three quarters of the game. However, the video assisted me in looking back at some and talked about the theme of “coming together” in many of the ads. The second video I found was before the game talking about the entire show of the Super Bowl itself. The reporter talked about the Patriots-Falcons game storylines, DeflateGate (witch hunt), hatred of the Patriots, and even tossed in Lady Gaga information for the halftime show.

While pretty much every other American news organization in the country talked about the game, Al Jazeera being an international outlet focused their news and attention on Donald Trump and current affairs. I for sure thought they would take the typical angle of bashing Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, and Robert Kraft for their alliance with President Trump but that didn’t even happen. Either way, I’ve had a tremendous week filled with happiness and joy from the Super Bowl win that solidified Tom Brady as the best Quarterback of all time.

Super Bowl

Super Bowl Ads

NewsTrack: Al Jazeera’s Mission Statement

Al Jazeera is originally an Arabic news website that has since expanded to cover many areas around the world. It is one of the biggest news organizations in the United States with over 80 outlets of news around the globe. Much like a corporation on Wall Street, Al Jazeera has a mission statement as a news organization and company to help outline its vision on what their goals are.




What Al Jazeera sees themselves as is a global network that can contribute to providing news to people from all walks of life. They especially emphasize Al Jazeera America because since it is an Arabic news site, they have an advantage in providing a unique perspective to the American people on the Middle East.



News sites should aspire to inform, entertain and inspire, which is exactly what Al Jazeera outlines its mission as. Again, due to the fact that they provide unique perspective as initially being an Arabic news outlet, they can share stories people wouldn’t normally read. They also have an advantage in having a diversity relating to demographic of their readers because of the many regions of the globe¬†they cover.



Making sure there a sort of “code of ethics” is very vital to making sure you are doing the right thing as a news organization. The public loves to criticize the media for not telling the truth and Al Jazeera makes sure to state that they strive to be truthful to the public. Providing a balanced, informed and unique perspective while remaining true to their goals is very important for them.

Al Jazeera’s Mission Statement Page: