How does Al Jazeera cover Breaking News?

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Breaking News is one of the most important aspects in the world of Journalism, especially today considering how fast news can get around via social media. Al Jazeera uses social media as a big part of their breaking news coverage. With utilization of their multiple Twitter accounts and Facebook alerts, they strive to inform the public with Breaking News in a quick and timely manner.

An example of this would be their coverage of the Russian Metro bombings in St. Petersburg this past weekend. When news of the bombing emerged, Al Jazeera tweeted out a “BREAKING NEWS” picture along with a tweet linking to the news story of the bombings on their website:

As news concerning the bombings unfolded and more information was released, Al Jazeera tweeted out several updates to keep their followers and readers informed of what was going on:

Again, to reiterate, as more information was released by Russian officials and authorities, Al Jazeera tweeted out detailed updates on what new information had come in. Using Twitter as the “Main” Breaking News tool is what many organizations in the media do because of its simplicity and immediate effect of getting news out to the public.

What’s interesting to look at is the image that Al Jazeera uses in their “BREAKING NEWS” tweets. They use the same image with white lettering and a red background, with their company logo in Arabic lettering next to the phrase. The usage of a red background and white lettering is smart because it catches the eye of readers much more efficiently than other colors. Red stands out and with big white lettering, people are more likely to click on the article and read it.

While Al Jazeera isn’t as followed or well-known in the United States as it is in other parts of the globe, they still manage to utilize their social media tools in order to deliver news fast to the US on their Al Jazeera English Twitter account. Skillfully designing their banner to seem more interesting to the eye is a successful technique that garners clicks into their news article.


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