Al Jazeera’s Alternate Storytelling Methods

As a news organization that focuses on issues in the Middle East and World affairs, Al Jazeera uses several different methods of storytelling. They have a podcast and audio station that followers can tune into on their website, with pages on iTunes to follow the podcast. However, the really interesting storytelling method that they use is something called “Interactive Documentaries”.

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 9.22.51 AM

These interactive stories involve writing, video, pictures, and interactive animations that involve readers exploring the story. For example, a story on the media and how we can read it strategically, is presented with very little writing and more videos to engage their viewers efficiently. These days, especially with the younger generation, people tend to lose focus with long drawn out papers and react better to videos.

Another example is their story on mothers in Bolivia and what their roles are in everyday life. In the interactive story, you can click on different symbols on objects within the picture and there is information/video on whatever subject you click on. The story is designed with animation in order to seem more attractive to the general reader.

Overall, I’ve encountered these kinds of stories on sports websites like BleacherReport and ESPN, as well as big news organizations like CNN. I always enjoy these interactive types of stories and find them more interesting to go through as opposed to just reading an article. The interactive aspect involves readers directly into the story which has a great and more positive impact in terms of what they read.

Al Jazeera Media Story

Mothers and Children in Bolivia



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