NewsTrack #4: Al Jazeera’s stance on Fake News

“Fake News” is one of the most controversial phrases used in the political & news world today. It’s a phrase that has become one of President Donald Trump’s favorites and he uses it as an attack, or defense, however you view it, against the mainstream media that criticizes him on a daily basis.

By definition, fake news can be described as the deliberate spreading of false information with the intent of misleading people for a specific reason, in this case it is politics. President Trump has railed on publications such as: The Washington Post, The New York Times, CNN, NBC, ABC, BBC, and almost all other major mainstream news outlets for fabricating stories to tarnish his stances or image. Through press conferences and his Twitter account, Trump takes a hard stance against the media and claims they are an enemy to the American public.

Interestingly enough, Donald Trump hasn’t mentioned Al Jazeera as a “Fake News” organization. In fact, I don’t think he’s mentioned them even once. Al Jazeera is a news outlet that covers affairs around the globe and given that many of Trump’s campaign stances targeted the Middle East, Al Jazeera has spent a lot of time covering and talking about what the current President has said.

Al Jazeera thinks Trump’s rhetoric against the media echoes sentiments similar to authoritarian leaders from the past. However, they haven’t gone as far as some other news organizations have when criticizing and analyzing Trump’s attack against the media:


It’s clear that Al Jazeera isn’t one of the news organizations that Trump considers “Fake News” but much of that is probably due to the fact that they haven’t criticized him to the level of many other mainstream media outlets. Being an Arabic founded news organization, if Trump’s policies and stances start directly affecting the middle eastern part of the world, Al Jazeera might come out in a stronger stance against the President’s actions and sentiments.

As for whether I personally think the media attacks Trump too much, I do think that mainstream organziations do show their bias by sometimes taking too strong of a stance on a topic. However, I find it hard to label reputable and successful news media like CNN or NBC as “Fake News” just because Trump doesn’t agree with what they’ve written. Yes, there are some culprits who intentionally stretch and fabricate stories for political motivations but you can’t cut down the whole tree just because a few apples are rotten. I think Trump has a legitimate case against the media and their sometimes biased reporting but the street goes two ways and not everything can be blamed on journalists.


Al Jazeera on Fake News




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